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Concrete prices in Kansas City

Some things to think about when hiring a Kansas City concrete contractor. The initial price isn’t everything. Be careful who you hire. If you don’t trust them…you shouldn’t hire them either…to do anything!

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Be Mindful of concrete contractors and how they deal with weather in Kansas City

It seems…actually it’s true, it will rain everyday for a week here in Kansas City. Do you know what that means for contractors. They don’t get paid for the week because they didn’t get to work. If you’ve been waiting to get your concrete project done a week like this can set the concrete contractor back a good two weeks. They lost the week they didn’t get to work and then they have another week to get the planned work done (two weeks to catch up on one lost one).

I just want customers to understand this because contractors are more frusterated than you…they didn’t make a nickel when the weather dampens their plans, and its not like they were in Mexico on the beach…they were watching local on the 8’s all day. So when the sun shines don’t expect them to call you and show up at your doorstep…they have to pick up where they left off.

Kansas City Concrete pictures…various applications

I put together this short video showcasing some of the applications that are possible through kansascityconcrete.net


Kansas City concrete pouring with hot temperatures

For many people this is the time they are trying to get their summer projects done including pouring a new concrete patio or driveway.  There are some key things to remember if your pouring concrete this time of year, and to ask your contractor about so you end up with a quality product.

  • if its hot and windy it is a good idea to put off the pour or pour in the evening or morning (the top dries out too quick and causes future issues)
  • make sure the concrete has a “cure” put on it after it is poured or it is cured with water
  • a delay can be added to slow the concrete such as Fritz Pak mini delay
  • Hire a Kansas City concrete contractor that knows what they are doing… contractors with good experience won’t risk a concrete pour

Ask your concrete contractor to see their insurance.

It is a simple task. Ask your concrete contractor to show you a copy of their current insurance. You would think most homeowners ask wouldn’t you. Nope. You would be shocked. In the four plus years experience in running a concrete company in Kansas City we were not asked to show our insurance to a home owner one single time. This really surprised me. Think about it…most of the time there is going to be a bobcat jackhammering out concrete right next to your home’s foundation. What if something happens…???

I feel it is especially important with the current state of the economy to ask this question. I recently spoke with a friend of mind that works at an insurance agency. She said that all of their contractors are trying to lower their coverages so they don’t have to pay as much or even canceling their policy. This is realy scary to think of them canceling their policy and continuing to do work.

In a not so scientific survey I did among contractors in the Kansas City area I found that about 50% said they didn’t have insurance.

Just a word to the wise.

Kansas City would benefit from pervious concrete.

It seems when we get a lot of rain around Kansas City we have flooding issues…especially the Brush creek area and the southwest boulevard area. Pervious concrete would greatly help these issues. This is a video I found from a Michigan concrete association. If you would like more information on pervious concrete in Kansas City speak with Mike Murray at http://www.murraydecorative.com

Kansas City, MO. wants you to pay for concrete sidewalk repair !

The city of Kansas City is considering making homeowners pay for concrete sidewalk tear out and replacement. This means that if your sidewalk is in bad shape they will have it replaced and give you a bill? They have talked about possibly a ten year payment. I have some questions about this;

  • What makes a concrete sidewalk “bad”?
  • Can I do it myself?
  • Do I have options as to who does the work?
  • If I have to pay for it I want it to look/go with the rest of my home. Can I have it stained or stamped?
  • Would it be possible to do a concrete overlay in some instances?
  • I live on the Kansas side, but could I run for mayor of KC, MO. It looks like they need some help?