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Kansas City would benefit from pervious concrete.

It seems when we get a lot of rain around Kansas City we have flooding issues…especially the Brush creek area and the southwest boulevard area. Pervious concrete would greatly help these issues. This is a video I found from a Michigan concrete association. If you would like more information on pervious concrete in Kansas City speak with Mike Murray at http://www.murraydecorative.com


“Green” products for a concrete overlay

Just a quick post to say that I was out at a concrete overlay seminar today featuring the Miracote line of products. They have an concrete overlay product that uses marble dust (they call it something different instead of “marble dust”). This is big in the overlay business for a few reasons

  • don’t have to breathe silica sand and get lung cancer
  • stains much better than “sand”
  • qualifies for Leed points, big deal right now.

The use of low voc sealers and products w/o cancer causing attributes such as silica sand isn’t a huge deal for the Kansas City area right now, but is heading our way.