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Resealing and Coloring Stamped Concrete – Kansas City

Here is a video I put together of some recoloring and sealing stamped concrete patios that have faded.  Some are fixes that other contractors or homeowners messed up when trying to reseal that we had to help them fix…but that’s ok.


Sealer for Stamped Concrete – Incompatability issues

resealing stamped concrete in Kansas City

resealing stamped concrete in Kansas City

Most home owners want to reseal their stamped concrete periodically as they should to insure protection and beauty.  The problem arises when the homeowner goes to the local Home Depot or Lowes and grabs a sealer to reseal their patio for a small weekend project.  This can be an expensive mistake;

  • Big box stores don’t carry the type and quality of sealers that decorative concrete installers prefer to use
  • What type of sealer was initially used on the stamped concrete???

Every concrete contractor in Kansas City that I know uses a solvent based cure and seal on stamped concrete patios.  There are basically two main types of sealers for concrete that you will find.

  1. Solvent based sealers which come in metal cans and require xylene for cleanup.  These are the ones used for stamped concrete in the KC area.
  2. Water based sealers which come in plastic containers and are water clean up.

If you use the wrong sealer your stamped concrete sealer could cloud or peal up.  Just do a little research to find what was previously used and buy from a specialty concrete products retailer such as Decorative Concrete Supply in Lenexa or hire a professional that has these products readily on hand…we get contractor pricing on products and will be able to reseal your stamped concrete without the issues or worries.

Concrete driveway sealed to prevent freeze thaw damage – Kansas City

Every spring we get tons of calls from people with concrete driveways in the metro area that had their concrete pit, spall, flake, and have pock marks because of the damage from freeze thaw cycles that occur in the Kansas City metro. If your concrete is properly sealed these issues can be avoided. Our siloxane based sealer make your concrete waterproof thus not allowing for water to soak into your concrete (when the snow/ice thaws) and refreeze (freezing and expanding the water by 9%. This is why freeze thaw hurts your concrete. Prevent it from happening all together by getting us to do some preventative maintenance, sealing concrete, instead of replacing your drive.
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Concrete sealed and protected – Kansas City

Here is a video I made about sealed concrete. I took a small portion of a garage floor and did a test area of concrete sealer (high quality siloxane sealer), and then applied water to the floor. The tested area repelled water completely.  One thing to note; siloxane sealers do not change the color of your concrete…when the concrete gets wet it doesn’t allow the concrete to soak up the water therefor it doesn’t allow it to darken (it water proofs the concrete). These sealers only need a surface temperature of 40 degrees to ensure the concrete is frost free to be applied.

We seal and waterproof concrete in the entire Kansas City Metro including sealing concrete floors, sealing concrete driveways and concrete basement and patio sealing.

Kansas City concrete sealing…why?…cost?

This is the time of year your prepare your home for winter and this includes concrete.  Think of the abuse in terms of fluctuating temperatures, moisture and chemicals that are left behind from your vehicle on the concrete…especially concrete driveways.

If you don’t seal your driveway many times it has to be replaced the following spring…if you care about how it looks and don’t want a bunch of pitting and scaling.  If you couldn’t give a darn what your drive looked like this post isn’t for you.

We generally use high quality siloxane concrete sealers that penetrate into the pours of the concrete.  These sealers , sometimes call “salt guard concrete sealer” help protect against our Kansas City elements.

Let us know if you would like a quote…I think you’ll find that our prices are reasonable compared to some of the others in town. I have heard prices anywhere from $.50/sq foot to $1.50/sq foot.  We are generally around $.75/sq foot which includes powerwashing your concrete (these prices are based on a typical 2 or 3 car garage driveway).  By the way don’t buy or let someone seal your concrete because they have some fancy 30 year or lifetime warranty…they don’t really cover anything.

Cleaning concrete what to use and what not to

I recently saw a new driveway that was cleaned improperly and caused a horrible stain.  Luckily this problem can me remedied, but it would have been best to prevent the problem all together.  So what do you clean your concrete surface with?

If you have a driveway or patio it would be best to use a product like mean grean or tri sodium phosphate.  These products are basically high powered soaps. The mean grean would work great if you have some oil spots.  One of the best cleaners i’ve ever seen and can be used form more than concrete is Orange TKO .  Once you use this product you’ll be cleaning everything including dishes and laundry with it. Before the product dries use a power washer and clean your surface.  This should work great.  Since you’ve gone through all of the work to get it sealed I would reccommend a water based siloxane sealer.  I would reccommend having this sealed by a professional because once you put a sealer down the time to ask questions and try and figure out the whats and whys has passed and you have a nice mess.

DON”T use muratic acid to clean your concrete….Please.  You would only use acid to clean if you were prepping it for paint and want to etch the concrete.   If you are scrubbing the concrete don’t use a wire brush it will burn the concrete. In the Kansas City environment I strongly reccomment not painting concrete that is exposed to the elements.