Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Options – EBN: 15:2


The below is a great article I found which describes in detail polished concrete as compared to some other flooring choices.

Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Options – EBN: 15:2.

I hope this article gives you some insight on polished concrete flooring.


Fixing Garage Floors in Kansas City that have “Home Depot Epoxy”

Don’t feel bad if your one of the people that bought the epoxy coating kit for your garage floor at Home Depot and thought it would be a great idea…..only to find that a few months later it is pealing and looks like junk.

Many clients call us for remedies to fix your concrete garage flooring.  The Home Depot epoxy is just glorified paint in my opinion…pure junk.  We have many people we help in this situation.   How do you fix this issue.

  • diamond grind the floor….the only way to properly prep for epoxy.
  • apply a base coat of industrial grade 100% solids epoxy, and add a full broadcast of color chips
  • apply a clear coat fo 100% solids epoxy

This application is done with a 12000 + psi epoxy product that provides a truley awesome epoxy garage floor.

So don’t worry if your garage floor has the ‘big box store’ product on it….there is a solution.

repairing garage floor with home depot epoxy

Home Depot Epoxy


garage floor coating overland park, kansas

Our 100% solids epoxy

Wanting your business or wanting your money? And giving a damn.

Think about the title of this damn blog post.  Ask yourself?  Do you want to hire a contractor that wants your business or one who wants your money?  There is a damn big difference! ( I can cuss…its my blog)  Here is the fundamental difference.

I.  Wants your money?

  • smiles, tells you what you want to here…what they do is “indestructable”. “damn straight shooter”
  • has a great damn “price”.  Usually lowest bidder.  Remember, they just want the money.  The easiest way to get your hands on it is to be the cheapest right?
  • isn’t on time and is hard to get a hold of….why do they care about you? They have your $  Damn them.
  • Puts out damn crappy work.  Cut everything they can from the job so they could put more $ in their pocket and get down the road.
  • never attends seminars or educates themselves on products and new techniques.  Again, why would they care about their work.  They don’t give a damn

II.  Wants your business

  • smiles, tells you the truth.  What is and isn’t possible given the given situation.  Why would anyone set unreasonable expectations….I see contractors do it all the damn time.
  • Provides a detailed written quote and lists products to be used.  Thats damn genius I tellyou
  • answers the damn phone and communicates with customers…we know you have other stuff to do so we communicate to make both of our lives easier
  • Puts out top quality work that was learned through giving a damn about what you do.  We put all of our knowledge and experience into jobs, and attend seminars and workshops to learn even more.  Oh and guess what if we have a question about something we call our supplier.  They answer our questions because we buy a boat load of product from them….and they give a damn too!
  • I bet I spend a good 20% of my work week talking with suppliers, reading trade magazines, and blogs, and just doing over all research to find better products and methods to provide for our customers.  I bet my competition doesn’t spend more than 1 day a year on average trying to better themselves.  Thats a damn shame to hire someone like that.

Sorry if I cussed too much on this post. KU just lost and is now out of the tournament because they didn’t look like they gave a damn until it was too late….which is exactly what I don’t want to happen to you.

So if you give a damn. I want your damn business.



Polished Concrete Featured @ the Designers’ Showhouse in Kansas City

designers showhouse kansas city

We were asked and pleased to provide some of our services at this years Designer Showhouse for the Kansas City Symphony.  (off 58th and Ward  Parkway)

The carriage house was the space were our polished concrete floors will be showcased.  We were happy to contribute our services and show people just what can be done to even old concrete with our knowledge and tooling.

More to come on this…….

concrete flooring before polish

before polishing and color

concrete polished in Kansas City designer showhouse

after color and polish (sheen produced mechanically by honing/polishing concrete)

Stained Concrete Basement Floors Kansas City

Here is a post about some basement floors we have done that our customers have come to love.  Our customers love our work for a few reasons;

  1. We have invested thousands of dollars in Lavina concrete polishing machines that use diamond pads and commercial vacuums for dust extraction in order to give people fantastic floors.  You get fantastic stained concrete floors because of prep work.  I would go out on a limb and say from what I know there is not another company in Kansas City that invests more in tooling and education in order to provide great floors.
  2. Traditional staining and sealing of concrete floors involves stains that don’t react right and sealers that smell you out of your home or business.  This is the old way (which our competition still uses because of reason #1 above).  We use concrete polishing techniques, earth friendly stains and floors guards that are being used in high traffic commercial applications.  This allows us to have more controlled stain outcomes and use products that are more durable and won’t make you shut down your business or leave your home for a couple of days.
  3. We do a lot of stained concrete floors…not just one a month or every so often like some others.  We know the products and process inside and out.

Polished Concrete flooring in Kansas City

Just a quick post to talk about how polished concretepolished concrete in kansas city applications and how perfect they are for basement floors.

  1. more durable than putting a clear coat on the floor
  2. no harmful odors – won’t drive you out of your home
  3. color is more controlled than acid stains or other dyes
  4. was designed for commercial wear and tear
  5. weeds out inferior contractors…the polishing equipment and vacuums as well as diamonds for the machines cost a lot of money so Jimmy and Johnny’s Concrete probably wont be looking at your floor only qualified people with the tools

Epoxy garage flooring in Kansas city

I thought I would share this epoxy garage coating video.  I don’t use my blog as a place to brag, but here I might just a little.  Check out our video on epoxy flooring.