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Concrete prices in Kansas City

Some things to think about when hiring a Kansas City concrete contractor. The initial price isn’t everything. Be careful who you hire. If you don’t trust them…you shouldn’t hire them either…to do anything!

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Concrete driveway sealed to prevent freeze thaw damage – Kansas City

Every spring we get tons of calls from people with concrete driveways in the metro area that had their concrete pit, spall, flake, and have pock marks because of the damage from freeze thaw cycles that occur in the Kansas City metro. If your concrete is properly sealed these issues can be avoided. Our siloxane based sealer make your concrete waterproof thus not allowing for water to soak into your concrete (when the snow/ice thaws) and refreeze (freezing and expanding the water by 9%. This is why freeze thaw hurts your concrete. Prevent it from happening all together by getting us to do some preventative maintenance, sealing concrete, instead of replacing your drive.
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Kansas City concrete sealing…why?…cost?

This is the time of year your prepare your home for winter and this includes concrete.  Think of the abuse in terms of fluctuating temperatures, moisture and chemicals that are left behind from your vehicle on the concrete…especially concrete driveways.

If you don’t seal your driveway many times it has to be replaced the following spring…if you care about how it looks and don’t want a bunch of pitting and scaling.  If you couldn’t give a darn what your drive looked like this post isn’t for you.

We generally use high quality siloxane concrete sealers that penetrate into the pours of the concrete.  These sealers , sometimes call “salt guard concrete sealer” help protect against our Kansas City elements.

Let us know if you would like a quote…I think you’ll find that our prices are reasonable compared to some of the others in town. I have heard prices anywhere from $.50/sq foot to $1.50/sq foot.  We are generally around $.75/sq foot which includes powerwashing your concrete (these prices are based on a typical 2 or 3 car garage driveway).  By the way don’t buy or let someone seal your concrete because they have some fancy 30 year or lifetime warranty…they don’t really cover anything.

Kansas City Concrete pictures…various applications

I put together this short video showcasing some of the applications that are possible through


Ask your concrete contractor to see their insurance.

It is a simple task. Ask your concrete contractor to show you a copy of their current insurance. You would think most homeowners ask wouldn’t you. Nope. You would be shocked. In the four plus years experience in running a concrete company in Kansas City we were not asked to show our insurance to a home owner one single time. This really surprised me. Think about it…most of the time there is going to be a bobcat jackhammering out concrete right next to your home’s foundation. What if something happens…???

I feel it is especially important with the current state of the economy to ask this question. I recently spoke with a friend of mind that works at an insurance agency. She said that all of their contractors are trying to lower their coverages so they don’t have to pay as much or even canceling their policy. This is realy scary to think of them canceling their policy and continuing to do work.

In a not so scientific survey I did among contractors in the Kansas City area I found that about 50% said they didn’t have insurance.

Just a word to the wise.

Foundation Repair Kansas City

With all of the rain we have been having in Kansas City it has been a true test for our homes foundations. Here are some things to think about to prevent or even fix some of your foundation issues;

  1. make sure water is going away from your home (don’t let it pool up next to your foundation and make sure all of your gutters are putting the water as far away from your home as possible)
  2. your deck and patio need to be slopped away from your home to let the water drain away. If they are not you should get it fixed immediately or pay high dollar for issues it will cause you down the road.
  3. if you have cracks in your foundation they need to be fixed from the outside. dig down on the outside of your home and epoxy and tar the issue to prevent water from coming in.

Kansas City pool decks are ready for use!!!

After an extremely long winter and cool spring with a lot of rain, many people are just now getting their pool deck opened up. Upon examining the concrete I would bet that winter has taken it’s toll on many concrete pool decks around the area. If this is the case with your pool deck…there is hope. A concrete overlay might be just the thing to make your concrete deck the talk of the neighboorhood. These concrete overlays will also give your feet a break from the heat too since most every overlay material out there is a polymer modified product your temperature of your concrete can be reduced usually around 25%. Most people refer to this application as cool deck or kool deck, which is an older technology that is not put down much anymore.

I hope this helps anyone looking for solutions. Remember if your concrete is sunk and/or heaved and has structural issues it needs to be torn out and replaced.