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Wanting your business or wanting your money? And giving a damn.

Think about the title of this damn blog post.  Ask yourself?  Do you want to hire a contractor that wants your business or one who wants your money?  There is a damn big difference! ( I can cuss…its my blog)  Here is the fundamental difference.

I.  Wants your money?

  • smiles, tells you what you want to here…what they do is “indestructable”. “damn straight shooter”
  • has a great damn “price”.  Usually lowest bidder.  Remember, they just want the money.  The easiest way to get your hands on it is to be the cheapest right?
  • isn’t on time and is hard to get a hold of….why do they care about you? They have your $  Damn them.
  • Puts out damn crappy work.  Cut everything they can from the job so they could put more $ in their pocket and get down the road.
  • never attends seminars or educates themselves on products and new techniques.  Again, why would they care about their work.  They don’t give a damn

II.  Wants your business

  • smiles, tells you the truth.  What is and isn’t possible given the given situation.  Why would anyone set unreasonable expectations….I see contractors do it all the damn time.
  • Provides a detailed written quote and lists products to be used.  Thats damn genius I tellyou
  • answers the damn phone and communicates with customers…we know you have other stuff to do so we communicate to make both of our lives easier
  • Puts out top quality work that was learned through giving a damn about what you do.  We put all of our knowledge and experience into jobs, and attend seminars and workshops to learn even more.  Oh and guess what if we have a question about something we call our supplier.  They answer our questions because we buy a boat load of product from them….and they give a damn too!
  • I bet I spend a good 20% of my work week talking with suppliers, reading trade magazines, and blogs, and just doing over all research to find better products and methods to provide for our customers.  I bet my competition doesn’t spend more than 1 day a year on average trying to better themselves.  Thats a damn shame to hire someone like that.

Sorry if I cussed too much on this post. KU just lost and is now out of the tournament because they didn’t look like they gave a damn until it was too late….which is exactly what I don’t want to happen to you.

So if you give a damn. I want your damn business.



Polished Concrete Has the Floor – Featured Special Sections – Sustainable Facility

Here is a great article about the utilization of polished concrete flooring.  Kansas City will eventually realize that using the existing concrete surface is not only a durable, sustainable choice, but an athetically pleasing one as well.

Polished Concrete Has the Floor – Featured Special Sections – Sustainable Facility

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Stamped Concrete Kansas City

Just thought I would show some of the detail on this old granite stamped patio that was recently done. The face was stamped as well. Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Stamping and Impressing concrete patios in the Kansas City metro

Stamping and Impressing concrete patios in the Kansas City metro
stone textured stamped patio in Lees Summit
stone textured stamped patio in Lees Summit

Stamped Concrete Kansas City

Stamped Concrete in Kansas City is on fire. Consumers are really beginning to realize the benefits of stamped concrete especially for patios. Not only are concrete patios  pocket book friendly, you don’t have the maintenance that you would have on a wood deck.  They also can easily be shaped and colored to fit the desires of the consumer.


Stamped Concrete patio in Kansas City

Stamped Concrete patio in Kansas City

The Price Game…Here We go

This doesn’t take to long to explain. When you are having a skilled trade done you can’t compare the price of the service like you do a fridge from Best Buy compared to Nebraska Furniture mart. That three hundred dollars you think you are saving by hiring the cheap concrete contractor will usually come back to haunt you…poor workmanship / durability, lien filed on your home because they didn’t pay for materials, didn’t finish the job.

So the moral is…if you want the cheapest price…you’ll get it for concrete in the Kansas City area….Just not from us;)

Polished Concrete in Kansas City

polished concrete kansas city

polished concrete kansas city

Just a short post to let you know how excited I am about polished concrete floors in Kansas City. Polished concrete closes up the pores of the concrete giving you a maintenance free floor that is highly durable. This is perfect for a garage floor as apposed to epoxy because there is nothing that can peal. And guess what….it can be done for less money than traditional epoxy and only take a day. And no its not slick…Bass Pro and Home depot wouldn’t be doing it if they were worried about people falling. If you want to find out more about concrete polishing in Kansas city visit our site

Staining Concrete Basement floors…What versatility

Stained concrete keeps evolving especially in the Kansas City area. People are beginning to better realize the versatility of stained concrete. The are also sick of their basement leaking and carpet getting ruined. Anything is imaginable as the picture shows. If you are looking for a Kansas City concrete stain contractor

concrete stain in kansas city

concrete stain in kansas city

we would love to hear from you.  This job was done by an excellent color guy named Rocky.  He really shows his versatility and stain abilities with a basement job (pictured) that he worked on in Iola, KS