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Concrete Sealing in Kansas City

We did a post on our main site,, about sealing concrete in Kansas City.

It’s nothing fancy…just a video of a siloxane treatment we do to concrete surfaces.  Penetrating sealers such as this do not change the color of your concrete.  They also chemically react with your concrete and make it hydrophobic….Waterproof!

Not all sealers are equal.  It’s important to be able to communicate with someone who knows what concrete sealer to use for the particular application.

We use a completely different product for sealing stamped concrete in Kansas City.


Sealer for Stamped Concrete – Incompatability issues

resealing stamped concrete in Kansas City

resealing stamped concrete in Kansas City

Most home owners want to reseal their stamped concrete periodically as they should to insure protection and beauty.  The problem arises when the homeowner goes to the local Home Depot or Lowes and grabs a sealer to reseal their patio for a small weekend project.  This can be an expensive mistake;

  • Big box stores don’t carry the type and quality of sealers that decorative concrete installers prefer to use
  • What type of sealer was initially used on the stamped concrete???

Every concrete contractor in Kansas City that I know uses a solvent based cure and seal on stamped concrete patios.  There are basically two main types of sealers for concrete that you will find.

  1. Solvent based sealers which come in metal cans and require xylene for cleanup.  These are the ones used for stamped concrete in the KC area.
  2. Water based sealers which come in plastic containers and are water clean up.

If you use the wrong sealer your stamped concrete sealer could cloud or peal up.  Just do a little research to find what was previously used and buy from a specialty concrete products retailer such as Decorative Concrete Supply in Lenexa or hire a professional that has these products readily on hand…we get contractor pricing on products and will be able to reseal your stamped concrete without the issues or worries.

Stamped Concrete Sealer Problems in Kansas City

It seems I have seen a lot of stamped concrete patios lately that another contractor has messed up when applying the sealer resulting in white, flaking looking sealer.  Most of the time this is an easy fix, but more easily prevented.  Let me explain how this problem could happen;

  1. The concrete was not properly prepped and cleaned.  This could resulting in the sealer not bonding.
  2. The concrete was power washed (a good thing), but the sealer was applied while the concrete was still retaining too much water causing the sealer to want to escape the patio through the sealer itself turning it white.
  3. The patio was rained on or got wet without the sealer being dry.
  4. The concrete was not properly poured….was not poured with the proper amount of rock or any at all…
  5. Too much sealer was put on.  I see this one a lot.  The color didn’t turn out right…so the contractor thought, “hey, more sealer”.  This will cause the sealer to flake off.  Just like paint you don’t want to build.  Two thin coats will do.
  6. Incompatible sealers were used.  You can’t put a water based sealer on top of a solvent.  Generally solvent based acrylic sealers are used on stamped concrete for color pop and durability.

If you have any questions about sealing a concrete patio in Kansas City I would be happy to consult.  I’ve made a lot of contractor bloopers look good.


Patio Sealed when too wet

Patio Sealed when too wet

Fixed Concrete sealer issue

Fixed Concrete sealer issue

Best time to pour concrete and seal concrete in Kansas City

This time of year, when the leaves start falling and cold fronts move in, we get many people worried that it is too late to get their concrete sealed or poured.  Right now couldn’t be a better time to pour concrete. The temperature is about 60 degrees. If freezing occurs blankets are put on the concrete to retain the moisture and the natural heat that escapes from the concrete.  It is the best time because concrete gets a good slow cure as opposed to when most people have concrete poured…on a hot July day (the worst time).  The ideal situation to pour concrete is a little over 50 degrees with an overcast sky and a little rain coming in later in the evening.

As far as sealing your concrete it is a great time as well.  Our siloxane sealers (mostly used on driveways and sidewalks) only need an air and surface temperature of 45 degrees.  These can be done well into December.  As far as our stamped concrete sealing goes our solvent based products don’t even freeze, but should be applied under the same temperature rules.

I hope this helps clear up some of these concrete issues and don’t be afraid to contact us regarding Kansas city concrete sealing and pouring questions