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Transporting Concrete to Back Yard

There are many obstacles it seems we have to overcome when pouring a stamped concrete patio in Kansas City.  One of the biggest questions is…”How do you get the concrete to my backyard?”

Georgia buggy being filled with concrete from Geiger

Georgia buggy being filled with concrete from Geiger

Most all of the time a concrete truck can’t just pull up the the patio and pour so we use what is called a Georgia Buggy to transport the concrete from the street to the back yard.  These can easliy fit through most gates and are easy on the lawn. This helps us to get the concrete in place as quickly as possible so our stamp work is more consistant as appossed to using wheel baroows that don’t hold as much concrete at one time.


Best time to pour concrete and seal concrete in Kansas City

This time of year, when the leaves start falling and cold fronts move in, we get many people worried that it is too late to get their concrete sealed or poured.  Right now couldn’t be a better time to pour concrete. The temperature is about 60 degrees. If freezing occurs blankets are put on the concrete to retain the moisture and the natural heat that escapes from the concrete.  It is the best time because concrete gets a good slow cure as opposed to when most people have concrete poured…on a hot July day (the worst time).  The ideal situation to pour concrete is a little over 50 degrees with an overcast sky and a little rain coming in later in the evening.

As far as sealing your concrete it is a great time as well.  Our siloxane sealers (mostly used on driveways and sidewalks) only need an air and surface temperature of 45 degrees.  These can be done well into December.  As far as our stamped concrete sealing goes our solvent based products don’t even freeze, but should be applied under the same temperature rules.

I hope this helps clear up some of these concrete issues and don’t be afraid to contact us regarding Kansas city concrete sealing and pouring questions