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Concrete Sealing in Kansas City

We did a post on our main site,, about sealing concrete in Kansas City.

It’s nothing fancy…just a video of a siloxane treatment we do to concrete surfaces.  Penetrating sealers such as this do not change the color of your concrete.  They also chemically react with your concrete and make it hydrophobic….Waterproof!

Not all sealers are equal.  It’s important to be able to communicate with someone who knows what concrete sealer to use for the particular application.

We use a completely different product for sealing stamped concrete in Kansas City.

Fixing Garage Floors in Kansas City that have “Home Depot Epoxy”

Don’t feel bad if your one of the people that bought the epoxy coating kit for your garage floor at Home Depot and thought it would be a great idea…..only to find that a few months later it is pealing and looks like junk.

Many clients call us for remedies to fix your concrete garage flooring.  The Home Depot epoxy is just glorified paint in my opinion…pure junk.  We have many people we help in this situation.   How do you fix this issue.

  • diamond grind the floor….the only way to properly prep for epoxy.
  • apply a base coat of industrial grade 100% solids epoxy, and add a full broadcast of color chips
  • apply a clear coat fo 100% solids epoxy

This application is done with a 12000 + psi epoxy product that provides a truley awesome epoxy garage floor.

So don’t worry if your garage floor has the ‘big box store’ product on it….there is a solution.

repairing garage floor with home depot epoxy

Home Depot Epoxy


garage floor coating overland park, kansas

Our 100% solids epoxy

Wanting your business or wanting your money? And giving a damn.

Think about the title of this damn blog post.  Ask yourself?  Do you want to hire a contractor that wants your business or one who wants your money?  There is a damn big difference! ( I can cuss…its my blog)  Here is the fundamental difference.

I.  Wants your money?

  • smiles, tells you what you want to here…what they do is “indestructable”. “damn straight shooter”
  • has a great damn “price”.  Usually lowest bidder.  Remember, they just want the money.  The easiest way to get your hands on it is to be the cheapest right?
  • isn’t on time and is hard to get a hold of….why do they care about you? They have your $  Damn them.
  • Puts out damn crappy work.  Cut everything they can from the job so they could put more $ in their pocket and get down the road.
  • never attends seminars or educates themselves on products and new techniques.  Again, why would they care about their work.  They don’t give a damn

II.  Wants your business

  • smiles, tells you the truth.  What is and isn’t possible given the given situation.  Why would anyone set unreasonable expectations….I see contractors do it all the damn time.
  • Provides a detailed written quote and lists products to be used.  Thats damn genius I tellyou
  • answers the damn phone and communicates with customers…we know you have other stuff to do so we communicate to make both of our lives easier
  • Puts out top quality work that was learned through giving a damn about what you do.  We put all of our knowledge and experience into jobs, and attend seminars and workshops to learn even more.  Oh and guess what if we have a question about something we call our supplier.  They answer our questions because we buy a boat load of product from them….and they give a damn too!
  • I bet I spend a good 20% of my work week talking with suppliers, reading trade magazines, and blogs, and just doing over all research to find better products and methods to provide for our customers.  I bet my competition doesn’t spend more than 1 day a year on average trying to better themselves.  Thats a damn shame to hire someone like that.

Sorry if I cussed too much on this post. KU just lost and is now out of the tournament because they didn’t look like they gave a damn until it was too late….which is exactly what I don’t want to happen to you.

So if you give a damn. I want your damn business.


Restoring Concrete Flooring in Kansas City

Many people want to utilize the existing concrete of their structure, but don’t know how.  The current and up coming trend is to polish the existing concrete. Currently many companies, us included, are staining concrete and putting a clear top coating on.  While this is achieves a great look we are trying to push customers into polishing their existing concrete mechanically.   This is achieved by using successive grits of diamond pads and usually involves 10 plus steps. This achieves a high, maintenance free product.  By the way…colors can be added.

Before - old concrete floor in KC

Before - old concrete floor in KC

After - Polished with a dye

After - Polished with a dye

Floor Coating Removal – Kansas City

Many people want to do something different with their old floors at some point. The problem is you have old glue on the floor that needs to be removed. Sometimes the glue is yellow and flaking and sometimes it is black. The best means to remove the glue is mechanically with a grinder. This will allow you to put down another surface over your concrete and achieve a good bond. We do floor prep and grinding to remove glue and thinset in Kansas City.

I bet you didn’t choose your wife like this??!

This is what I thought after driving back from a quote yesterday. I am constantly amazed at the decisions people make. On this particular occasion the individual had already fired one concrete guy and was looking for another for a very large concrete patio. After telling him our price he responded…..”got somebody for half of what you are” WHATEVER. (other guy must have a material and labor genie…damn it.)

Driving home was thinking of my days in college….think we’ve all had some youthful times, but on a Saturday night i never said, ” i bet it’s her and I forever.” So let me ask you this?? Why would you contract with the most desperate girl in the bar (contractor) and expect it to last forever (your patio). It doesn’t happen…it’s called a fling (your patio). The girl at the bar may at best may last a month (your patio). But if you really care you alway find the right one in the end. Wake up people and learn from life.

Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee, KS

Just a quick post about a concrete driveway I looked at that was completely hollow underneath.  There are a few different reasons why this would happen.  My guess on this one is that the ground wasn’t compacted properly before the pour.  This driveway needs to be torn out and replaced to correct the issue.

Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee

Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee

Stamped Concrete Sealer Problems in Kansas City

It seems I have seen a lot of stamped concrete patios lately that another contractor has messed up when applying the sealer resulting in white, flaking looking sealer.  Most of the time this is an easy fix, but more easily prevented.  Let me explain how this problem could happen;

  1. The concrete was not properly prepped and cleaned.  This could resulting in the sealer not bonding.
  2. The concrete was power washed (a good thing), but the sealer was applied while the concrete was still retaining too much water causing the sealer to want to escape the patio through the sealer itself turning it white.
  3. The patio was rained on or got wet without the sealer being dry.
  4. The concrete was not properly poured….was not poured with the proper amount of rock or any at all…
  5. Too much sealer was put on.  I see this one a lot.  The color didn’t turn out right…so the contractor thought, “hey, more sealer”.  This will cause the sealer to flake off.  Just like paint you don’t want to build.  Two thin coats will do.
  6. Incompatible sealers were used.  You can’t put a water based sealer on top of a solvent.  Generally solvent based acrylic sealers are used on stamped concrete for color pop and durability.

If you have any questions about sealing a concrete patio in Kansas City I would be happy to consult.  I’ve made a lot of contractor bloopers look good.


Patio Sealed when too wet

Patio Sealed when too wet

Fixed Concrete sealer issue

Fixed Concrete sealer issue

The Price Game…Here We go

This doesn’t take to long to explain. When you are having a skilled trade done you can’t compare the price of the service like you do a fridge from Best Buy compared to Nebraska Furniture mart. That three hundred dollars you think you are saving by hiring the cheap concrete contractor will usually come back to haunt you…poor workmanship / durability, lien filed on your home because they didn’t pay for materials, didn’t finish the job.

So the moral is…if you want the cheapest price…you’ll get it for concrete in the Kansas City area….Just not from us;)

Concrete Overlay Surface Preperation

concrete overlay over old paint...a no, no!

concrete overlay over old paint...a no, no!

I had a customer call me yesterday concerning a concrete overlay another contractor had done for her less than a year ago.  Upon arrival I discovered a few things:

  • The walkway and front steps should have been torn out and replaced with new concrete because the concrete was severly cracked and had shifted up and down
  • The overlay contractor did not honor the control joints and cut them back out so the overlay was coming up in these areas
  • no surface prep was done….the contractor had gone over old paint.

Now you may be wondering… how do you fix this?  The answer is not an easy one to swallow for the customer.  Do it right the first time.  If the concrete had been ground using a diamond grinder it wouldn’t have started chipping up so soon, but the real answer for this particular job is to get new concrete.   Concrete Overlays are only as good as what you put them on.  I would guess this surface was 50+ years old, and in the Kansas City area this surface had already exceeded it’s life expectancy by more than 20 years.

Don’t be fearful of concrete overlays in the Kansas City area.  Just make sure the contractor does the proper surface prep or you will be wasting your money.