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Fixing Garage Floors in Kansas City that have “Home Depot Epoxy”

Don’t feel bad if your one of the people that bought the epoxy coating kit for your garage floor at Home Depot and thought it would be a great idea…..only to find that a few months later it is pealing and looks like junk.

Many clients call us for remedies to fix your concrete garage flooring.  The Home Depot epoxy is just glorified paint in my opinion…pure junk.  We have many people we help in this situation.   How do you fix this issue.

  • diamond grind the floor….the only way to properly prep for epoxy.
  • apply a base coat of industrial grade 100% solids epoxy, and add a full broadcast of color chips
  • apply a clear coat fo 100% solids epoxy

This application is done with a 12000 + psi epoxy product that provides a truley awesome epoxy garage floor.

So don’t worry if your garage floor has the ‘big box store’ product on it….there is a solution.

repairing garage floor with home depot epoxy

Home Depot Epoxy


garage floor coating overland park, kansas

Our 100% solids epoxy


Epoxy garage flooring in Kansas city

I thought I would share this epoxy garage coating video.  I don’t use my blog as a place to brag, but here I might just a little.  Check out our video on epoxy flooring.

Epoxy garage floors

Kansas City garage epoxy

Kansas City garage epoxy

Many people are now updating their garage floor with an epoxy coating.  Epoxy is an excellent product, but the truley good epoxies should only be used by professionals.  Every time I walk into a Home Depot or Lowes store I cringe when I see the epoxy kits for garage floors for a few reasons.  These epoxies are at a do it yourself “strenght”.  Many people that have put these down experience flaking with in a couple of years.  Also a do it yourselfer doesn’t have access to a diamond floor grinder that would allow for proper prep of the concrete surface.  An finally most of these “kits” don’t come with a clear top coat for added protection.

So if your going to do it yourself remember prep, prep, prep.  If you can lick the floor it’s not clean enough.  Also have a dry surface that doesn’t have a moisture issue, and as a general rule put the epoxy down when the ambient outside temperature is risining (starting at 50 degrees)

If you want to have a professional do it expect to pay around $3.50 to $4.50 per square foot.

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