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Ballpark concrete price – Kansas City

It seems like more and more people are getting ahold of us and planning a project and the just need a starter price so they can start to build a budget.  I completely understand and would like to offer our new “ball park pricing” feature.  Simply fill out the form and select the products and services you would like some pricing on and we will get back to you within 24 hours (except weekends) and put together some #’s for your project.  Remember this is just a ball park. We could be way off.  All specialized services will still have to be looked at.

ball park pricing

ball park pricing


Fixing concrete….Kansas City

I’ve gone on multiple appointments lately as people try to gear up for their spring and summer concrete projects.  Many of the projects…actually most are stamped concrete patios people want to have installed.  Unfortunately about 25% of the jobs I look at are ones that were completed a year or so ago by another company and are having problems whether it be with the sealer, extreme cracking, stamps not applied correctly, or color issues when the patio was poured.  If it is just a sealer issue we can resolve it most of the time….all of the other issues the answer is tear it out and do it again.  I remind people of this when we quote the project.  Concrete is hard enough to walk on just hours after it was poured, and you don’t “fix” it.

The moral of the story is…when you look at your 3 quotes , don’t just look at price.  You are not comparing the same refridgerator you can get at Best Buy, Sears, or Nebraska furniture mart.

Don’t get me wrong…we don’t mind fixing other peoples shotty concrete work or finishing jobs that other concrete companies started and never finished (in fact its about 25% of our business), we just hate to see people paying for something when they could have had it don’t right the first time for just a little bit more.


Concrete prices in Kansas City

Some things to think about when hiring a Kansas City concrete contractor. The initial price isn’t everything. Be careful who you hire. If you don’t trust them…you shouldn’t hire them either…to do anything!

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Kansas City concrete sealing…why?…cost?

This is the time of year your prepare your home for winter and this includes concrete.  Think of the abuse in terms of fluctuating temperatures, moisture and chemicals that are left behind from your vehicle on the concrete…especially concrete driveways.

If you don’t seal your driveway many times it has to be replaced the following spring…if you care about how it looks and don’t want a bunch of pitting and scaling.  If you couldn’t give a darn what your drive looked like this post isn’t for you.

We generally use high quality siloxane concrete sealers that penetrate into the pours of the concrete.  These sealers , sometimes call “salt guard concrete sealer” help protect against our Kansas City elements.

Let us know if you would like a quote…I think you’ll find that our prices are reasonable compared to some of the others in town. I have heard prices anywhere from $.50/sq foot to $1.50/sq foot.  We are generally around $.75/sq foot which includes powerwashing your concrete (these prices are based on a typical 2 or 3 car garage driveway).  By the way don’t buy or let someone seal your concrete because they have some fancy 30 year or lifetime warranty…they don’t really cover anything.

Concrete countertops…what’s the price?

Concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular as people seek out unique surfaces for their countertops. Granite is so nuts right now I think that it will be the most replaced item in about 8-10 years mainly because everybody seems to have them. Concrete counter tops on the other hand are individual, unique pieces that are designed for you and only you. Your neighbor, even if they want what you have, can’t have the exact same thing. There are many things that can be integraded into the concrete like colors, broken glass, coins, ect.

So how much do they cost. Generally you’ll find they will range around the $100/square foot price. I remind people not to get caught up in a square foot price when it comes to counter tops, mainly because it doesn’t matter. For example my counter top is 35 square feet. This would make the concrete counter top to be around $3500. Most granite is running around $60 / sq. foot(most co.’s then stick you with an install price for additional money of course). So granite would be $2100. Big deal… a little bit more money for something unique that everybody in johnson county DOESN”T have . Go with a custom built concrete counter top built just for you.

Will Kansas City concrete contractors continue to give FREE estimates???!!

This is a great questions. With gas prices reaching “all time highs” everyday it obviously gets more and more expensive to drive all over town to give customers “free” estimates. Let me tell people something….they are not free. Estimates never have been. Someone has to pay for the gas and time it takes to do estimates. Contractors have built this in as part of their price of the job. With the prices of gas going up so does the price of the goods and SERVICES. Here are some things you as a homeowner can do to help or should consider.

  • If your not serious about getting the work done ask for a number you can use for budgeting purposes. (I still would like to get in front of these people. As a contractor I always thought it was good to start working with people on their project from the earliest stage possible).
  • Be patient. Don’t expect the contractor to drop everything to drive across town for your estimate. Everybody is trying to be a little more efficient.
  • Be present for the appointment. This is one of my pet peeves. “Can you swing by and put the estimate in my mailbox?” If you can’t take 10 minutes out of your day to meet the contractor they won’t spend the time to drive across town (unless they are real hard up). Early on in my career we would do be willing to write something up and drop it off without seeing the customer. We never got one job by this, and most of the time the customer was unresponsive to any follow up. What a waste of time and money.

Concrete Prices in Kansas City

Now that spring is here things have signifigantly picked up for those homeowners wanting their spring projects done. I’ve really heard of some crazy stuff out there regarding how much people are charging for their services so it is time to set the record straight. The big question is…how much does it cost??? The concrete prices i’m about to reveal are from legitimate companies that I know of in the Kansas City area. Use this as a general rule;

  • concrete driveway tearout and replace w/ 4 inch concrete (your typical 2 car drive is around 800square feet) the average cost is going to be around $6-8 / square foot
  • stamped concrete patio w/ no tearout is going to run you around $10-12 / square foot (add $2 for tearout)
  • stained concrete (this would include a patio or basement floor) with minimal prep your looking at $4/square foot.

Keep in mind these are just rough numbers, but I wanted to give people an idea. I was told by one individual that their driveway was bid anywhere from $3.50 to $15 per square foot for tearout and replace. This leaves to homeowner confused. So now you know about what the current market prices are. Expect these prices to increase if fuel continues to climb.