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Pool Deck Revitalization for Old Kool Deck Surfaces – Kansas City

Old Kool Deck surfaces seam to have worn out their welcome in the Kansas City metro.  It seems more and more we are getting request to repair kool deck (cool deck) concrete surfaces around pools.  There are a couple of reasons traditional kool deck systems have failure issues.

  1. Kool Deck was designed to be put on when the concrete was green.  This has caused some bonding issues
  2. Traditional Kool Deck has somewhat of a coral texture and there is no way to seal it from the elements.  This allows water to go inside the pours and freeze/expand in the winter….blowing it up.

Here is an example of a pool with Kool Deck that we fixed with a Miracote overlay

Grinding Kool Deck off a pool with a Lavina Grinder

Grinding Kool Deck off a pool with a Lavina Grinder

The old overlay is ground off as best as possible, making sure to detect areas that have a weak bond.

Kool Deck removal , repair on pool deck

Kool Deck removal , repair on pool deck

As much of the old overlay needs to be removed as possible.  One way to detect if the old overlay is not bonded is to knock on it and listen for hollow spots.  This particular pool took over 5 days to grind with a commercial machine.  After grinding the pool needs to be washed extensively with a pressure washer and primed for a new overlay.

New Miracote overlay with knockdown texture

New Miracote overlay with knockdown texture

The new overlay has been installed.  We use the Miracote system which is a highly flexible overlay system.  The texture is knockdown.


Concrete Overlay Surface Preperation

concrete overlay over old paint...a no, no!

concrete overlay over old paint...a no, no!

I had a customer call me yesterday concerning a concrete overlay another contractor had done for her less than a year ago.  Upon arrival I discovered a few things:

  • The walkway and front steps should have been torn out and replaced with new concrete because the concrete was severly cracked and had shifted up and down
  • The overlay contractor did not honor the control joints and cut them back out so the overlay was coming up in these areas
  • no surface prep was done….the contractor had gone over old paint.

Now you may be wondering… how do you fix this?  The answer is not an easy one to swallow for the customer.  Do it right the first time.  If the concrete had been ground using a diamond grinder it wouldn’t have started chipping up so soon, but the real answer for this particular job is to get new concrete.   Concrete Overlays are only as good as what you put them on.  I would guess this surface was 50+ years old, and in the Kansas City area this surface had already exceeded it’s life expectancy by more than 20 years.

Don’t be fearful of concrete overlays in the Kansas City area.  Just make sure the contractor does the proper surface prep or you will be wasting your money.

Kansas City pool decks are ready for use!!!

After an extremely long winter and cool spring with a lot of rain, many people are just now getting their pool deck opened up. Upon examining the concrete I would bet that winter has taken it’s toll on many concrete pool decks around the area. If this is the case with your pool deck…there is hope. A concrete overlay might be just the thing to make your concrete deck the talk of the neighboorhood. These concrete overlays will also give your feet a break from the heat too since most every overlay material out there is a polymer modified product your temperature of your concrete can be reduced usually around 25%. Most people refer to this application as cool deck or kool deck, which is an older technology that is not put down much anymore.

I hope this helps anyone looking for solutions. Remember if your concrete is sunk and/or heaved and has structural issues it needs to be torn out and replaced.

Kansas City, MO. wants you to pay for concrete sidewalk repair !

The city of Kansas City is considering making homeowners pay for concrete sidewalk tear out and replacement. This means that if your sidewalk is in bad shape they will have it replaced and give you a bill? They have talked about possibly a ten year payment. I have some questions about this;

  • What makes a concrete sidewalk “bad”?
  • Can I do it myself?
  • Do I have options as to who does the work?
  • If I have to pay for it I want it to look/go with the rest of my home. Can I have it stained or stamped?
  • Would it be possible to do a concrete overlay in some instances?
  • I live on the Kansas side, but could I run for mayor of KC, MO. It looks like they need some help?

“Green” products for a concrete overlay

Just a quick post to say that I was out at a concrete overlay seminar today featuring the Miracote line of products. They have an concrete overlay product that uses marble dust (they call it something different instead of “marble dust”). This is big in the overlay business for a few reasons

  • don’t have to breathe silica sand and get lung cancer
  • stains much better than “sand”
  • qualifies for Leed points, big deal right now.

The use of low voc sealers and products w/o cancer causing attributes such as silica sand isn’t a huge deal for the Kansas City area right now, but is heading our way.