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Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Options – EBN: 15:2


The below is a great article I found which describes in detail polished concrete as compared to some other flooring choices.

Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Options – EBN: 15:2.

I hope this article gives you some insight on polished concrete flooring.


Polished Concrete flooring in Kansas City

Just a quick post to talk about how polished concretepolished concrete in kansas city applications and how perfect they are for basement floors.

  1. more durable than putting a clear coat on the floor
  2. no harmful odors – won’t drive you out of your home
  3. color is more controlled than acid stains or other dyes
  4. was designed for commercial wear and tear
  5. weeds out inferior contractors…the polishing equipment and vacuums as well as diamonds for the machines cost a lot of money so Jimmy and Johnny’s Concrete probably wont be looking at your floor only qualified people with the tools

Epoxy garage flooring in Kansas city

I thought I would share this epoxy garage coating video.  I don’t use my blog as a place to brag, but here I might just a little.  Check out our video on epoxy flooring.

Restoring Concrete Flooring in Kansas City

Many people want to utilize the existing concrete of their structure, but don’t know how.  The current and up coming trend is to polish the existing concrete. Currently many companies, us included, are staining concrete and putting a clear top coating on.  While this is achieves a great look we are trying to push customers into polishing their existing concrete mechanically.   This is achieved by using successive grits of diamond pads and usually involves 10 plus steps. This achieves a high, maintenance free product.  By the way…colors can be added.

Before - old concrete floor in KC

Before - old concrete floor in KC

After - Polished with a dye

After - Polished with a dye

Polished Concrete Has the Floor – Featured Special Sections – Sustainable Facility

Here is a great article about the utilization of polished concrete flooring.  Kansas City will eventually realize that using the existing concrete surface is not only a durable, sustainable choice, but an athetically pleasing one as well.

Polished Concrete Has the Floor – Featured Special Sections – Sustainable Facility

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Floor Coating Removal – Kansas City

Many people want to do something different with their old floors at some point. The problem is you have old glue on the floor that needs to be removed. Sometimes the glue is yellow and flaking and sometimes it is black. The best means to remove the glue is mechanically with a grinder. This will allow you to put down another surface over your concrete and achieve a good bond. We do floor prep and grinding to remove glue and thinset in Kansas City.

Stained Basement flooring…Perfect for wet and flooded Basements in Kansas City

It seems we have run into a lot of basements that have flooded with all of the rain we have had here is a quick video showing how we overlay and stain basement floors.  An overlay isn’t always necessary, but better assures a real nice looking stain outcome.