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Feel free to ask questions about concrete issues.

Note: I will not answer questions about PRICING as all contractors have diff. pricing and no two jobs are alike. (I do have a category “concrete price” that will give you some general ball park pricing if you like.)


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  1. Can you tell me how to go about dropping off some large chunks of concrete to be recycled? Deffenbaugh won’t pick them up and I’d just as soon keep them out of the landfill. Don’t concrete companies reuse old, cut-out concrete? I don’t know what to do. It’s only a few square feet worth of sawed up sidewalk. I’m in Shawnee but will drive wherever.

  2. kansascityconcrete


    Unfortunately most concrete is broken up and hauled off to a dump site that takes construction materials (there is one west of Olathe on old 56 highway). On a more commercial scale companies use what is called a concrete reclaimer that grinds up the concrete to be used as a base for more concrete or on dirt roads (instead of rock). If your wanting it “recycled” you might want to try this site;

    or you might want to call the information on this site and ask if they have a suggestion.

    Hope this helps

  3. We are going to pouring concrete on our drive way. It is about two trucks concrete. It will take about one hour to get the second truck. Can we pour concrete in the same drive way with one hour interval?

    Thank you!


  4. kansascityconcrete

    I would recommend forming two areas for your drive. One for the first pour and one for the second. One hour is a pretty big gap, plus things always come up that could prolong this gap.


  5. Our stamped concrete patio has some serious issues. Last summer it turned almost completely white and we tried to remove the sealer but was unsuccessful. We spoke to a concrete person here in our area and he told us to Xylene to remove it, so we did and it did remove some but has since turned white again. What can we use to get all the sealer off so that we can put a better sealer on it so it doesn’t turn white again or can we just paint over what is left on there now.

    • Debbie,

      Decorative Concrete Supply in Lenexa has a product called TK Quickclean. Spraying this product on and using a hot power washer is going to help you remove the sealer. You will need to reseal with a solvent based sealer such as TK Bright Glaze or Tk1315…also available at Decorative Concrete Supply.
      You might not have a sealer issue. It could be efflorecense. The question is why and when did the sealer turn white. If your sealer turned white because it got rained on or there wasn’t enough dry time after power washing this problem can be solved. Hope I helped.

      Chad Zogleman

  6. Chad- My driveway is about 8 years old and the approach is scaling/spalling pretty bad and the rest of my driveway is starting to do the same thing but mainly just has pits at this point. It seems to get worse after every freeze/thaw. From my understanding an overlay may work but the driveway needs to be prepped and there needs to be a quality bonding agent or glue between the driveway and the overlay being poured. There are no cracks in the driveway and otherwise seems structurally sound. My questions to you are 1) if done proper is an overlay a good option for this type of issue? 2) is there a reputable contractor with references that does this type of work? 3) does this type of work typically have a warranty? 4) what is the cost for this type of work, is it charged by the square foot? 5) should a sealer be used on an overlay? 6) how long should an overlay on a driveway last if properly completed?
    Sorry for all the questions. Thank you very much!

    • kansascityconcrete


      I get asked this question every year about this time. Here are my answers to your questions.
      1. overlay will work great if you properly prep….diamond grinding
      2. we do this work….mainly on pool decks
      3. most warranties people give are a bunch of crap. i have yet to see one in this industry that was worth anything.
      4. We start out at $5.50 for overlays
      5. Yes, a sealer needs to be used.
      6. If properly installed and maintained an overlay will have a life of 20 years in this market???

      All of this being said, most every person that wants an overlay on their drive wants it to look brand new, but they don’t want to pay for a brand new one. As i can understand the theory…the concept is not possible in my experience and opinion. Sure you can do a broom finished overlay in grey and make it look pretty good, but when you look at all of your neighbors drives people will say “why is his different”.
      I give people two options in the situation you are in. Replace for around $6/sq or seal it with a siloxane sealer which will stop the damage from worsening for around .75 cents/sq

  7. I like your construction video.

  8. My boyfriend stained the concrete in his great room addition. The concrete has been down for over two years as he was working on other things inside and was planning to do the floor last. He applied the stain. Waited a few weeks to allow the stain to dry, and then began applying the “sealant” in a corner of the room as a test patch. The sealant turned white. Can you tell me what may have caused this problem? The floor was completely dry. The sealant was applied with a 3/8″ roller nap. I have read about a product called xylene to try to remove the white, but he needs to know what may have caused the problem to begin with before going forward with the entire floor and having the rest of it turn out white as well. Your advice???

    • kansascityconcrete

      There are many things that could have made the sealer turn white.
      * the stain shouldn’t have taken that long to dry (overnight at the most)
      * you could have had a curing agent on your floor. This would have made the stain stay on top. When the sealer was put on it clouded… propbably put on a water based sealer. Curing agents must be removed……we grind/polish all floors for proper prep
      * don’t use xylene in a basement. it is a harmful product and you don’t have good ventilation
      * If you did do everything right, you have a moisture compatibility issue with your sealer. A diff. product would be suggested depending on the situation.

      If you would like go to the website ( ) and call Bob. He will help you

  9. I had my pool deck resealed last summer. Part of the deck is stamped concrete and part of it is stained. It looked fine until this past winter. The stained concrete turned a whitish color. The stamped concrete looks ok, but there are a few spots that have turned white. How can I try to fix this problem. Thanks David

    • kansascityconcrete

      It could be a couple of things. You could have a solvent based sealer which was over applied causing certian areas to slightly flake and turn white.

      The other issue is moisture coming up through the slab.

      Do a light xylene mist and see if it gets rid of the whitening.

  10. Here is what I consider to be the final word on chalking or clouding of sealed stamped concrete. Of course you have to get to the lowest person on the total pole – a real “diamond” if you know what I mean, at the sealer company to get to the truth. Prior to this year, most acrylic sealers were not “breathable”. If you sealed your concrete more than ONCE, you trap moisture between the seals and the moisture turns the sealer white. If you are starting from scratch, make sure you use a breathable sealer. If you have a cloudy mess on your hands, just keep spraying it with xylene to reactivate the sealer until it finally wears off. You will get about 3 weeks of gloss using this. I saw the post about using xylene then hosing it off – that would work if you had somewhere safe for the runoff to go. Most people don’t

    • kansascityconcrete

      you shouldn’t trap moisture if you seal during the right time of day.

      most sealer problems i see having to do with whitening are contactors over applying

  11. Marie-Anne Geurden

    I would like to know more about the polished concrete floors . Are they stain resisteant ?

    • kansascityconcrete

      You are exactly right. Polished concrete floors are ‘stain resistant’, and not stain proof. Think of polished concrete just like a granite countertop.

      If you want more stain resistance for polished concrete a guard product is used for the final step to add further protection. Just make sure the polished contractor refines the surface properly through the diamond tooling and just doesn’t skip steps and throw a couple coats of guard on and gives you a fake sheen.

  12. I’m going to be visiting Kansas City soon and was going to do a job for a friend who lives there. Where are the best places in town to buy decorative concrete products? Thanks

  13. Which is the glossiest stamped concrete sealer.
    (Real wt look

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