Resealing and Coloring Stamped Concrete – Kansas City

Here is a video I put together of some recoloring and sealing stamped concrete patios that have faded.  Some are fixes that other contractors or homeowners messed up when trying to reseal that we had to help them fix…but that’s ok.


4 responses to “Resealing and Coloring Stamped Concrete – Kansas City

  1. I have a stamped exterior brick walk/stair that used to have a gray look to the simulated mortar joints. things have faded and need recoloring.

    Could you plese tell me where I can find the material, w/ instructions, for recoloring the simulated brick and mortar joints.

    I live in MD and yours is the only site I’ve found that is helpful.


    • kansascityconcrete

      You probably need to reantique which is a mixture of 1/2 solvent sealer and 1/2 xylene with some release powder (grey in your case) mixed in. Spray it down and let it go into the “grout lines” of the stamp. Let it dry and put a clear coat on.

      I’m guessing this will do it, but i don’t know the whole story of the patio

  2. My stamped concrete sidewalk has faded from dark gray to almost white. We put down sealer this week hoping to darken it…didn’t work. Can I restain the newly sealed sidewalk?

    • kansascityconcrete

      Resealing stamped concrete should bring back the color. You should have used a solvent based sealer (they smell). If you used a water based (milky white) you won’t get any “color pop”.

      We usually antique (1/2 xylene, 1/2 solvent sealer, and a few ounces of colored release / gallon) spray on …..let dry then clear seal with a solvent based sealer

      Don’t by Home Depot or Lowe’s type sealers……they sell nothing good relating to concrete sealers.

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