Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee, KS

Just a quick post about a concrete driveway I looked at that was completely hollow underneath.  There are a few different reasons why this would happen.  My guess on this one is that the ground wasn’t compacted properly before the pour.  This driveway needs to be torn out and replaced to correct the issue.

Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee

Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee


4 responses to “Hollow concrete driveway in Shawnee, KS

  1. I had a driveway in which the drain tube was punctured by the telephone utility contractor. They actually pushed the wire directly through the tube. This caused slow erosion of the soils and created a hollow spot under the driveway.

  2. How did you fix the hollow spot?

    Im dealing with a similar issue…Ive noticed a hollowed out spot on one side of my driveway and am in need of some advice on how to repair or what to fill it with in order to prevent a cave in.


    • kansascityconcrete

      you could have a mudjacking company come out and fill it or to truly fix the problem and “not throw money down a hole”, you tear it out and replace it

  3. I thought it said hollowcore concrte deiveway..i was interested in seeing that! Looks for sure like it wasnt compacted.

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