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Fixing concrete….Kansas City

I’ve gone on multiple appointments lately as people try to gear up for their spring and summer concrete projects.  Many of the projects…actually most are stamped concrete patios people want to have installed.  Unfortunately about 25% of the jobs I look at are ones that were completed a year or so ago by another company and are having problems whether it be with the sealer, extreme cracking, stamps not applied correctly, or color issues when the patio was poured.  If it is just a sealer issue we can resolve it most of the time….all of the other issues the answer is tear it out and do it again.  I remind people of this when we quote the project.  Concrete is hard enough to walk on just hours after it was poured, and you don’t “fix” it.

The moral of the story is…when you look at your 3 quotes , don’t just look at price.  You are not comparing the same refridgerator you can get at Best Buy, Sears, or Nebraska furniture mart.

Don’t get me wrong…we don’t mind fixing other peoples shotty concrete work or finishing jobs that other concrete companies started and never finished (in fact its about 25% of our business), we just hate to see people paying for something when they could have had it don’t right the first time for just a little bit more.


Polished Concrete in Kansas City

polished concrete kansas city

polished concrete kansas city

Just a short post to let you know how excited I am about polished concrete floors in Kansas City. Polished concrete closes up the pores of the concrete giving you a maintenance free floor that is highly durable. This is perfect for a garage floor as apposed to epoxy because there is nothing that can peal. And guess what….it can be done for less money than traditional epoxy and only take a day. And no its not slick…Bass Pro and Home depot wouldn’t be doing it if they were worried about people falling. If you want to find out more about concrete polishing in Kansas city visit our site