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Concrete driveway sealed to prevent freeze thaw damage – Kansas City

Every spring we get tons of calls from people with concrete driveways in the metro area that had their concrete pit, spall, flake, and have pock marks because of the damage from freeze thaw cycles that occur in the Kansas City metro. If your concrete is properly sealed these issues can be avoided. Our siloxane based sealer make your concrete waterproof thus not allowing for water to soak into your concrete (when the snow/ice thaws) and refreeze (freezing and expanding the water by 9%. This is why freeze thaw hurts your concrete. Prevent it from happening all together by getting us to do some preventative maintenance, sealing concrete, instead of replacing your drive.
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Concrete sealed and protected – Kansas City

Here is a video I made about sealed concrete. I took a small portion of a garage floor and did a test area of concrete sealer (high quality siloxane sealer), and then applied water to the floor. The tested area repelled water completely.  One thing to note; siloxane sealers do not change the color of your concrete…when the concrete gets wet it doesn’t allow the concrete to soak up the water therefor it doesn’t allow it to darken (it water proofs the concrete). These sealers only need a surface temperature of 40 degrees to ensure the concrete is frost free to be applied.

We seal and waterproof concrete in the entire Kansas City Metro including sealing concrete floors, sealing concrete driveways and concrete basement and patio sealing.