Monthly Archives: September 2008

Colored, Stamped and Impressed Concrete in Kansas City

Stamped concrete in Kansas City is becoming more and more popular. What the consumer of stamped concrete needs to know is that this means more contractors are trying to get into the field of stamped concrete. I am constantly reminded by seeing things in the market that…YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Concrete is such a final product. If an inexperienced contactor is hired your patio, pool deck, or whatever could end up not as desirable as you would have hoped. I see this all the time…..contractor Fred did a patio. Fred messed up the patio. Fred was paid for the patio. Fred doesn’t return phone calls and is never seen again. Homeowner calls Chad to help solve the problem of a bad stamped job. Chad has no solutions other than tearout and replace (90% of the time).

Homeowners….let me tell you something to help save you time and money…if someone bids your stamped patio for under $10 per square foot (it seems we are usually $12) they probably don’t know what they are doing. If you can live with poor workmanship fine….just remember tearout and do it again is how you fix it.


Be Mindful of concrete contractors and how they deal with weather in Kansas City

It seems…actually it’s true, it will rain everyday for a week here in Kansas City. Do you know what that means for contractors. They don’t get paid for the week because they didn’t get to work. If you’ve been waiting to get your concrete project done a week like this can set the concrete contractor back a good two weeks. They lost the week they didn’t get to work and then they have another week to get the planned work done (two weeks to catch up on one lost one).

I just want customers to understand this because contractors are more frusterated than you…they didn’t make a nickel when the weather dampens their plans, and its not like they were in Mexico on the beach…they were watching local on the 8’s all day. So when the sun shines don’t expect them to call you and show up at your doorstep…they have to pick up where they left off.