A warranty on concrete sealer? What a joke!

Have you seen companies advertising they can seal your concrete and give you a great warranty… usually a 30 year or lifetime or something of that nature.  DON’T get SCAMMED!!! What a joke.  I always find it funny that these companies brag about this warranty, but don’t allow you to read it on their website.  If it was so great…why couldn’t everyone take a look at it.  I finally got my hands on one of these sealing warranties and basically what it tells you is that if you can prove that there is no longer sealer present they will go treat the effected area with more sealer.  WOW !  Thanks!  People need to understand that a sealing company is not going to warranty your surface from any defects because they didn’t install the concrete so they have no idea of the workmanship.

These companies usually use great products…usually a siloxane sealer, but their prices are really high (we are usually half of what their price is and put down the same product) and many people go with them just because of a piece of paper.

Fall is coming so just a little FYI


2 responses to “A warranty on concrete sealer? What a joke!

  1. Yes you are correct about companies wont warranty the surface being applied to. What if there is sealers that can be guaranteed and proven to be the best in the market. We dont use a siloxane sealer. Our products are proprietary and one of a kind. I just ask please to not bag on all of us. we are in the same business and we all have limited warranties. Some people wont stand behind what they sell, but it sounds like you do and so do we. It is nice to see someone out there with some real business ethics. hard to find. Chat with you soon. later

  2. kansascityconcrete

    Sure everyone/manuf. has warranties that cover manuf. defects…I would hope so. No sealing company can guarantee that if their particular sealer is applied that things such as popping, scaling and cracking will not happen. If they do they probably won’t be in business for long because they are accepting a lot of liability just to get a check on the front side.
    I just get sick of people/co.’s coming up with warranties that don’t mean anything and the unsuspecting customer finds out a year or two later they bought paper.
    If you have a good warranty I would be happy to read it over…just don’t see what you could warrant other than 1. manufacture(of the sealer) defects 2. and proper installation.

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