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Concrete sealing Kansas City

People of the Kansas City Metro, take this as a warning. Seal your concrete now!!! Every spring we get calls about how concrete has been pitted and chipped after a long winter. With some simple preventative care your concrete can be protected throughout the winter. By the way i’ve done the research and the KC area has some of the worst weather conditions in terms of freeze thaw cycles.  Freeze thaw? What does this mean?  Let me break it down for you quite simply.  Concrete is a porous product (pour a cup of water on your driveway and watch it dissappear) so when we have moisture and then it freezes at night the water expands by about 10%.  I.E it has nowhere to go so it blows up your concrete.  Get your concrete sealed so you don’t have to deal with this issue.  You can find more information at Kansas City Concrete.

By the way don’t believe the co’s that say ‘seal your concrete once and for all’, ‘lifetime warranty’….it’s not even logical for someone to provide you a warranty on a product they didn’t even install (the concrete).  THINK ABOUT IT.

Kansas City concrete pouring with hot temperatures

For many people this is the time they are trying to get their summer projects done including pouring a new concrete patio or driveway.  There are some key things to remember if your pouring concrete this time of year, and to ask your contractor about so you end up with a quality product.

  • if its hot and windy it is a good idea to put off the pour or pour in the evening or morning (the top dries out too quick and causes future issues)
  • make sure the concrete has a “cure” put on it after it is poured or it is cured with water
  • a delay can be added to slow the concrete such as Fritz Pak mini delay
  • Hire a Kansas City concrete contractor that knows what they are doing… contractors with good experience won’t risk a concrete pour