Water ruined your basement’s carpet? How about stained concrete!

The rain has taken a toll on the basements around the Kansas City metro that is for sure. Our ground is currently super saturated and it looks like it isn’t going to stop. We hear many people with carpet that has gotten wet and is ruined. Now what do you do? 1st, tear it out and throw it away of course, I’ve always thought that carpet in a basement was kind of nasty anyway for the most part.

Many are turning to stained concrete as a solution for their moisture problem. The concrete can be simply cleaned, stained, and top coated with a sealer. A couple of throw rugs and you are good to go.


2 responses to “Water ruined your basement’s carpet? How about stained concrete!

  1. Stained or dyed basement floors are such a smart and beautiful way to finish/refinish your basement floor, or any concrete around your house, and they are coming more popular because of their mold and allergens resistance. Stained concrete can look like almost any thing i.e. tile, terrazo, brick, flagstone… at a fraction of the cost. Garage floors can be finished with a new polyaspartic product that has a 15 year warranty and can be applied no matter what the weather and driven on in as little as 24 hours. Concrete is already so much apart of our lives and its already there why not utilize it, beautify it, and enjoy it.

  2. kansascityconcrete


    Thanks for your input. More of it would be appreciated on this blog. Talk to me.

    Chad Zogleman

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