Kansas City Epoxy flooring

Just a quick note on some of the epoxy products I have seen at some of the big box stores. I’m not totally against these products but there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you go applying them to your concrete surface.

  1. Prep your concrete, Prep your concrete, Prep your concrete. This can’t be said enough. Your concrete surface must be perfect before you going putting down your epoxy, and I mean perfect. If you don’t feel completely comfortable licking your garage floor then it isn’t prepped enough. It costs a little more money, but I would suggest renting a diamond grinder to remove stains/chemicals and to scarify the surface. These can be found at Bledsoe Rentals in Olathe (expect to pay around $150/day)
  2. Top coat your surface. Use a polyurethane or a clear epoxy to topcoat. This will protect your surface.
  3. Have a pro do it. Most every diy epoxy floor i’ve seen is flaking in a couple of years. I’m not saying that you can’t diy, or that the peoples floors that i’ve seen missed some steps that is why there are issues. All i’m saying is to come back and redo something is always more expensive than doing it right the first time.

you can always find more at kansascityconcrete.net


One response to “Kansas City Epoxy flooring

  1. We are professional epoxy garage floor installers in Southern California. I can’t agree more with Kansas City Concrete’s comments here.

    Proper surface preparation is ESSENTIAL! It can be exhaustive work with expensive and difficult tools.

    The hardware store garage coating kits are just not practical. They are cheap but they normally fail within a year or so. Much of our work is grinding off Home Depot jobs and doing the job right to provide the homeowner with a much richer-looking surface and a 10+ year warranty.

    Check out our free blog at:
    for a discussion of the differences between hardware store kits, hardware store contractors and professional installers.

    California Concrete Restoration, Inc.
    (949) 939-4088

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