Daily Archives: May 19, 2008

Kansas City pool decks are ready for use!!!

After an extremely long winter and cool spring with a lot of rain, many people are just now getting their pool deck opened up. Upon examining the concrete I would bet that winter has taken it’s toll on many concrete pool decks around the area. If this is the case with your pool deck…there is hope. A concrete overlay might be just the thing to make your concrete deck the talk of the neighboorhood. These concrete overlays will also give your feet a break from the heat too since most every overlay material out there is a polymer modified product your temperature of your concrete can be reduced usually around 25%. Most people refer to this application as cool deck or kool deck, which is an older technology that is not put down much anymore.

I hope this helps anyone looking for solutions. Remember if your concrete is sunk and/or heaved and has structural issues it needs to be torn out and replaced.