Concrete countertops…what’s the price?

Concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular as people seek out unique surfaces for their countertops. Granite is so nuts right now I think that it will be the most replaced item in about 8-10 years mainly because everybody seems to have them. Concrete counter tops on the other hand are individual, unique pieces that are designed for you and only you. Your neighbor, even if they want what you have, can’t have the exact same thing. There are many things that can be integraded into the concrete like colors, broken glass, coins, ect.

So how much do they cost. Generally you’ll find they will range around the $100/square foot price. I remind people not to get caught up in a square foot price when it comes to counter tops, mainly because it doesn’t matter. For example my counter top is 35 square feet. This would make the concrete counter top to be around $3500. Most granite is running around $60 / sq. foot(most co.’s then stick you with an install price for additional money of course). So granite would be $2100. Big deal… a little bit more money for something unique that everybody in johnson county DOESN”T have . Go with a custom built concrete counter top built just for you.


2 responses to “Concrete countertops…what’s the price?

  1. You’re a little math challenged. If concrete is $100 per sq ft and you have 120 sq ft, it would be $12000, not $1200, and granite would be $7200, not $720. So the difference between concrete and granite would be $4800, not $480. Big deal, only a few thousand bucks difference.

  2. kansascityconcrete

    Thanks for the heads up it looks like i forgot some zeros and/or wasn’t thinking when i did the post so I have since changed the numbers to be more correct.

    In case anyone missed the point of the post it was this…

    People always ask “how much a square foot?” PEOPLE…counter tops don’t have that many square feet in them in the first place so get what you want (just don’t get granite…i truly believe it will be like shag carpet in the near future) Granite count tops have been oversold and by the way are one of the most high maintenance counter tops you can put in.

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