Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

Give me a “ballpark” concrete price?

How many times do you think contractors here this one. Home owners, let me tell you something. There is generally two approaches to this question. I would say most of the time you are hurting yourself by demanding this “ball park price over the phone. Here are the two approaches from a contractors point of view.

1. Tell them a really low price so they are excited and you can get your foot in the door. This usually leaves the homeowner a little dissappointed when they have their actual bid in hand, but at least you are in there probably along with two more. This is usually done by some of the ‘lower end’ contractors.

2. Under promise, and over deliver. Tell them a slightly higher price over the phone. Now so when you go bid the job some of the circumstances of the project which can’t be discovered over the phone are covered. Your home owner is happy that it didn’t cost quite as much as you told them. This method is generally the choice of professionals.

Generally I see a lot of homeowners pick the low ball guy to come bid even though his bid ends up just as high as the professional.

Remember. If you want a quote. Just have the contractor come look at your project first hand. Every job can vary a great deal and usually there are unique circumstances.