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Concrete Prices in Kansas City

Now that spring is here things have signifigantly picked up for those homeowners wanting their spring projects done. I’ve really heard of some crazy stuff out there regarding how much people are charging for their services so it is time to set the record straight. The big question is…how much does it cost??? The concrete prices i’m about to reveal are from legitimate companies that I know of in the Kansas City area. Use this as a general rule;

  • concrete driveway tearout and replace w/ 4 inch concrete (your typical 2 car drive is around 800square feet) the average cost is going to be around $6-8 / square foot
  • stamped concrete patio w/ no tearout is going to run you around $10-12 / square foot (add $2 for tearout)
  • stained concrete (this would include a patio or basement floor) with minimal prep your looking at $4/square foot.

Keep in mind these are just rough numbers, but I wanted to give people an idea. I was told by one individual that their driveway was bid anywhere from $3.50 to $15 per square foot for tearout and replace. This leaves to homeowner confused. So now you know about what the current market prices are. Expect these prices to increase if fuel continues to climb.

Give me a “ballpark” concrete price?

How many times do you think contractors here this one. Home owners, let me tell you something. There is generally two approaches to this question. I would say most of the time you are hurting yourself by demanding this “ball park price over the phone. Here are the two approaches from a contractors point of view.

1. Tell them a really low price so they are excited and you can get your foot in the door. This usually leaves the homeowner a little dissappointed when they have their actual bid in hand, but at least you are in there probably along with two more. This is usually done by some of the ‘lower end’ contractors.

2. Under promise, and over deliver. Tell them a slightly higher price over the phone. Now so when you go bid the job some of the circumstances of the project which can’t be discovered over the phone are covered. Your home owner is happy that it didn’t cost quite as much as you told them. This method is generally the choice of professionals.

Generally I see a lot of homeowners pick the low ball guy to come bid even though his bid ends up just as high as the professional.

Remember. If you want a quote. Just have the contractor come look at your project first hand. Every job can vary a great deal and usually there are unique circumstances.

Homes in Overland Park and Olathe need stamped concrete patios

It seems that every home in the newer, southern Johnson county, are has the smaller builders grade concrete pad on the back of their home. I’m constantly amazed at how a brand new home, none the less a fairly pricey one, can be left with a little 5×5 patio. This leaves the home owner with no place to grill out or entertain. A stamped concrete patio is the perfect option for many reasons. 1. Stamped Concrete is very low maintenance. Every four years or so it should probably be resealed to maintain a good sheen, or let it fade out if that is what you prefer. This is a very easy process requiring a quick power wash and a couple coats of a high quality solvent based sealer. 2. Stamped concrete is affordable. Compared to stone or even a cedar deck you can’t beat stamped concrete prices. Stamped concrete is generally going to be priced at $10-$12 per square foot for a typical 400 square foot patio. A stone patio such as flagstone is going to run you around $25/ square foot. 3. Stamped concrete is unique. Generally no to stamped concrete jobs are identical…unless you want them to be. Concrete can be colored and shaped to the exact desired requirements of the customer. With the use of many different types of concrete stamps the possibilities are endless. If your considering a patio, you might want to look at stamped concrete.

A new and upcoming blog about concrete in Kansas City

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